Top 5 best beer gardens

best beer gardens

After an extremely tiring week or a special occasion you want to celebrate with peace. There is no place better than the beer gardens.  The relaxing moment with the sip of beer makes your day and as you leave cheerfully you can feel the zeal rejuvenated within your mind and body.

These are the amazing beer garden in London:

  1. The Albion, Islington:

The Albion, IslingtonFar away from the chaos of traffic and stress of city life in Islington, North London, this pub is gives you the peace you have always deserved. Decorated with purple wisteria flowers, this pub brings you close to the nature and gives your eyes an elegant treat. It is a place, truly, worth a visit. With their amazing hospitality, the great beer and the mouth watering food (yes!),you are guaranteed to have a great time there.

  1. The White Swan:

The White SwanFollowing the Albion comes another great place to spend your priceless minutes to earn priceless moments, the White Swan. It is a great pub that is located on Eel Pie island. The surrounding water bodies not only brings peace to the mind but also contempt to the soul. Close your eyes and hear the water drift away all your wrinkles and worries.

  1. The Edinboro Castle:

The Edinboro CastleTake yourself away from the jungle of cement into the gardens of beauty. At the Edinboro Castle, the high walls not only isolates the premises from the outer noise, but also our inner selves from the outer stress. The gardens bring in refreshment and positive feeling which is priceless in these times. Good news, if you are a claustrophobic, these are outdoor pubs where you can taste great beer and fresh air.

  1. Faltering Fullback:

Faltering FullbackThe previous three pubs had an abundance of area and this spatial extension gave visitors a soothing experience. Faltering Fullback is one of the smartest design in the city. It is short of space and yet it has somehow managed to give its visitors the illusion of space. The place feels open and soothing. The place is really very popular and get crowded quite often. Other than that this place is a good one to hangout with smaller groups.

  1. Garden Gate:

Garden GateIf soothing and lonely is not your area then garden gate is the perfect place for you and your gang. On a fine day you can see a lot of people hanging around and having fun. You can socialize better at this pub.