Tips to use beer cans in more creative way

Tips to use beer cans

A waste is only as useful as your thoughts willing to transform it into. With a little bit of interest you can reshape beer bottles into useful and decoration pieces. This not only reduces a bunch of waste but also saves lots of bucks and inspires other people as well to innovate in their daily lives to their advantage.

  1. Key chains:

Key chains

Apply a little bit of your creative mind on the used beer cans and you can carve out a cool key chain for your keys. You can cut out the the name on the beer can and pierce a small hole for the key ring or chain to get in.

If that sounds too much of work then you can simply use the beer bottle as a whole without any cropping.

Key chains


  1. Wind propellers:

Wind propellers

If you have a crafty hand and less beer bottles then you can easily use it to make a propeller. It might look a bit difficult but with a little bit of work and focus, this could be easily realized. This propeller could be used in model airplanes as a fan.


  1. Lamp:


With just a fraction of creativity, you can end up with this. This is one of the most creative product that could be designed. Your empty beer can helping you light up your room. It doesn’t have to stop there you can modify it even more to use it as a decoration piece for your room.


  1. Wall Art:

Wall Art

Empty beer cans could make your walls look cooler and better. Some cutting, rearranging and gluing is all that is required. Cheap and effective decoration on your walls.


  1. Wind Chimes:

 Wind Chimes

Convert the rustling into tinkling with a little spark of creativity. Beer bottles could be rearranged to form wind chimes which could be hung outside your windows. Whenever the wind blows, you can hear your creativity.


  1. Cookie Cutter:

Cookie Cutter

Sometimes, it’s the very simple things that make people go wow.


  1. Tripod:


Or more appropriately an “Emergency Tripod”.


  1. Flower bouquet:

Flower bouquet

Gift a flower to your loved one, or keep one with you just to show off. No matter what, this product will find its place.


  1. Sculpture:


Dream big? Got a lot of cans? Go ahead and make a sculpture out of it. Take your creativity to a whole new level.


  1. Wi-Fi Booster:

Wi-Fi Booster

After a month you might have to Google “buffering”.