We can prove that mixing beer with other drinks is a good idea

So, you are a beer enthusiast? We know how it tastes when you drink it in one go. Now it’s time to get out of comfort zone and do some experimentation. Maybe you could stumble upon your new favorite.

Following is a list of successful evidences of the previous challenge. These are some great mixes that are approved to be awesome. They come in multiple variants, so the taste can be adjusted according to your taste. Continue reading “We can prove that mixing beer with other drinks is a good idea”

Tips to use beer cans in more creative way

A waste is only as useful as your thoughts willing to transform it into. With a little bit of interest you can reshape beer bottles into useful and decoration pieces. This not only reduces a bunch of waste but also saves lots of bucks and inspires other people as well to innovate in their daily lives to their advantage.

  1. Key chains:

Key chains

Apply a little bit of your creative mind on the used beer cans and you can carve out a cool key chain for your keys. You can cut out the the name on the beer can and pierce a small hole for the key ring or chain to get in. Continue reading “Tips to use beer cans in more creative way”

Top 5 best beer gardens

After an extremely tiring week or a special occasion you want to celebrate with peace. There is no place better than the beer gardens.  The relaxing moment with the sip of beer makes your day and as you leave cheerfully you can feel the zeal rejuvenated within your mind and body.

These are the amazing beer garden in London:

  1. The Albion, Islington:

The Albion, IslingtonFar away from the chaos of traffic and stress of city life in Islington, North London, this pub is gives you the peace you have always deserved. Decorated with purple wisteria flowers, this pub brings you close to the nature and gives your eyes an elegant treat. It is a place, truly, worth a visit. With their amazing hospitality, the great beer and the mouth watering food (yes!),you are guaranteed to have a great time there. Continue reading “Top 5 best beer gardens”